What you think you know.

I watched the Ted Talk by Annie Lamott on what she knows to be true. I then challenged myself to make a personal list. Thus far, as of 2:19 pm January 7, 2019.

Here is what I come to..

1. I am not in control.

2. God loves me. (New words to Jesus Loves Me…Jesus Loves me I don’t know why…)

3.   God loves you…all of you.

4. Sometimes I don’t love me but God still does

5. I am ever grateful that I am not God

6. I am still not in control.

7. It will all turn out alright in the end, if it isn’t alright, then it isn’t the end.(re written from Marigold Hotel)

8. Children, babies, puppies, kittens make me smile. My grandchildren make me smile deeper that I ever thought possible. Old people make me smile. Most everyone makes me smile, but, not all people. Sorry just saying it’s true.

9. God’s love is like sweet water from a cold well. It is my job/opportunity to offer it to everyone I meet because — we are all deeply thirsty.

God abides

I’ll see if there are more.

Bobbie Giltz McGarey


Currently visiting in Bethlehem, PA



The Turning of the Year

We come to this break between yesterday and tomorrow. Is that what New Years Eve is all about. That crack of a moment that changes the numbers. That time when everything that came before is last year. Every tomorrow is New Year.

Is it like sunset and dawn? Is it like the way that the day wraps up and the new day cracks open. Is that why we say the crack of dawn? That beginning moment when the sun comes over the mountain? That crack in the dark, narrow and bright.

May your New Year and your 2019 intentions for the days ahead be filled with joy. May your intentions be kindness and goodness and hope and peace…. Leave a comment if you wish below.

I will keep this up if you all are reading here. Promise they will get more and more detailed and reflecting what is happening in our lives.

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May your universe be filled to overflowing with love…

God abides

Bobbie G. McGarey


What if’s and do you Remember

I do like this time of year because in my many memory bank I have lots of good solid family times to rest back into along the way.

Sure, this year will be new and filled I think with memory making moments.  There will be 12 (so far) at the table.  I love a full table.  I love having new people together.  I look forward to good conversation and laughter.

I’m cooking in Raton and the kitchen there is different than the one here in ABQ.  Neither of which have much counter space.

There is a song of the Civil War era that always comes to mind this time of year.  “We will meet but we will miss him”.   the next line is there will be one vacant chair…

And I recognize how many of the dear memory people won’t be with us.   But their spirits remain.   I’m looking forward to it.

So what if you could have the perfect table of people, who would be there?   Just wondering.  Who would be missing?  Just remembering.

Happy Thanksgiving

God abides


November 2018



Lunch at flying star Juan tabo

The place was noontime-crowded when. She sat down, she chose a table near the counter so she could get refills easily and because it is not in the center of things. Sometimes she likes sitting on the edge. (that reminds me of a quote from midnight in the garden of good and evil).

The gentlemen next to her were in intense conversation. Something about the church the older man a retired Bishop, The younger in mid x50’s talked about the bishops daughter, an apparently wonderful woman.

She tried to get online but there were 4 EMT s who seem to be sapping the juice to the Internet. Hopefully it was something important. She glanced again their way to seeing one man playing bejeweled blitz …she supposed that they needed a break from their very intensive work. She would wait.

Lunch came, good as before, and she ate with slowness attempting to savior her sandwich not just eat it so fast that it is forgettable. There was a glare from the window of a car backing out that flashed bright in the window, A ray of sunshine inside amazing.

several people noticed it and were surprised. We shared a collective smile

The upcoming Sunday’s readings were on her mind. Them men next to her began talking about church stuff. She could

T comprehend the flow of it but bits and pieces were heard…you taught me so well Bishop and how do you learn to do an exorcism?

Time for a refill. Friends had laughed at her last week when she got a piece of bread pudding and a diet coke… She recognized the

Strangeness of that combination. they had all laughed and the bread pudding lasted three days…

A friend from 8 years ago had met her that morning before lunch…just a little time before her plane…so they jumped into real deep conversation quickly, Their memories of where they had been together were the same. They were both happy to be gone from there but missed some of the really dear people. Those who had been mean or betrayed them were not missed though they obviously had left strong impressions in pain. The two of them prayed for healing. It was good to share.

Not long from now she has a new yoga class. She decides this would be a good time for a nap. One more refill and home she goes to be greeted again by her puppy always happy to see her.

God abides

Lucky? Me

Dear Friends,

I have been thinking of you all today and pray this finds you well. It has been a week.

Friday musing

All of a sudden, as the saying goes, I realized that I am really lucky. Blessed some would say but I’ll go for lucky right now. Why? Why? I hear you ask… because I have had the experience of the presence of God with me in ways that are completely real.

Betsy was having surgery on her strabismus when she was 11 months old. We found a wonderful, wonderful doctor named Elizabeth Sowa. We had taken Betsy in and she said, “Well you are just a darling beauty of a little girl, lets get those eyes so they work together.”. And she tickled Betsy’s toes. I said, “Ok, You can do the surgery on my daughter.”

As the time came for the surgery we could either come in the morning it was done or spend the night before in the hospital. We lived over an hour to the hospital and we had to be in really early so she and I spent the night. The real trick was that I couldn’t nurse Betsy after midnight and keeping her from getting upset about that might have been tricky. The crib had really high bars on the side and I had a rocking chair, thank God. Betsy got a little fussy so I took her out of the crib and rocked her… the rest of the night as I prayed and prayed and prayed.

The room we shared with a little boy whose mother gave him Dr. Pepper and he was not quiet. The little boy had his surgery the day before but was supposed to be still. They brought his breakfast and that made Betsy really hungry so I took her out. The Doctor came in to see the little boy and saw him jumping. “You can’t let him do that,” he admonished the mother, “we talked about this” . I said as I passed ‘Well, it might be the Dr. Pepper she gave him when he woke up”. The doctor glanced at me and pointed to the can by the bed.

Betsy and I found an outdoor patio and it was really peaceful out there. I just held her and walked and walked and walked and walked and talked to her and tried to distract her from wanting to nurse. We were out there for an hour.

As the time grew closer for her surgery I really got anxious. Then to my mind came this gift, Bobbie, your mom and dad are praying and they are in Virginia, your aunt and uncle in Chicago are praying, your cousins spread out all over, your church members are praying…

and as if ribboned streamers were drifting into the area from all directions, I felt overwhelmed with peace. It was like the prayers were visible. I felt them. Anxiousness left. (Add deep sigh).

I went inside and John had arrived and it was about time for her surgery. The gentle nurse came to take her and I handed her to John to hand over to the nurse. No give her back her eyes are ok I was saying in my head.

We went down to wait. Hours passed. Hours Hours Hours.. Well really it was just about one hour but time was skewed. The Doctor came out ..big smile on her face, “ It went really well. We had trouble starting an iv. but she was asleep when we were poking her for that. I am really pleased.”

We went down to the door outside recovery. We could hear her crying, well screaming, and we weren’t allowed in. Finally a nurse came out and ask for McGarey’s. They said one of you can go in and perhaps that will calm her.

John went. I waited, immediately her crying stopped.

They brought her out and though she was still some groggy she was as ready to nurse as I was to nurse her. Again we settled in the rocking chair. A few hours later the Dr. came in to check her out and we went home.

I’ve tried to share that sense of this Godly presence so many times. That real palpable feeling of peace that just rushed in and washed over me. I’m lucky. I can remember that time and the peace returns. Yes I am lucky, blessed.

Bobbie Giltz McGarey

August 17, 2018


They came through town …

A message was sent around via friends and churches that a group, two busses,  of the detainees were coming briefly to ABQ.   I got the message Friday and announced on Sunday an opportuniy to my church people.  The mostly men in the group needed ..well… everything as they were being let out of detention and taken to reunite with their children.  We were asked to provide what we could, clothes, backpacks, shoelaces,  snacks, stuffed animals, small portable toys…

A friend was part of the group helping to coordinate and organize this effort By Tuesday  said they had all they needed from folks all over.   They donated any leftovers to local sheltears.

When the busses pulled up a group of tired, frightened, suspicious, and curious  men got off not knowing what  was going to happen next.   When it was explained that the good hearted folk  of Albuquerque had provided all of these things for them, a good hot meal, supplies they needed, all of the basics, they were thrilled, .   They had not been told here they were going or that there were plans to get them together with their children.

A different group of men reborded the bus.  They were fed, clothed, relaxed, smiling more,and much more relaxed,  in a few hours they would be with their kids.


One man said as he got on the bus,  This is the America I expected when I left home, I am happy finally to have found her,

Friends, much work to be done.

God abide