Apt waiting

I am waiting for apt people to come and fix the shower and smoke alarm and inspect. This is day two.

Yes I’ve been able to make some more progress in getting ready but as in some cleaning you have to drag things out of where you’ve stuffed them and sort and toss. This is s messy process.

But it’s like a lot of issues in our lives really. When we have somethings … an emotional issue or a trauma we sometimes just stuff it away… and we’ll do a Gone with the Wind… I’ll think about it tomorrow.

But there it is–even getting dusty–but it is still there taking up space in our head or heart. It comes to a time when we need to haul it out, reconsider if it has any merit, pare it down to its essential way–and move on. Sometimes we can throw out The whole issue realizing it’s not important or relevant.

Sometimes though we’ve got to wrestle with it until we come to some peace or understanding about it. Then we can bless it and take any lessons and move it on.

But there’s the waiting.

Are we feeling brave? Oh come on here we go

God abide

Bobbie Giltz McGarey


Abq, NM


What can be said?

There is a friend of mine whose daughter was all excited about the college she was chosen to enter. She was very pleased and settled. Then the other day, another of her dream schools contacted her to say they offered her a place too. Now, she wonders.

I am having trouble linking it …but this photo you’ll see if you search on YouTube

David Wilcox has a great song HOLD IT UP TO THE LIGHT


Blessings to all in that uncertain in-between.

God abides

Bobbie Giltz McGarey

before Pentacost

Grace and Peace to you.  The next Sunday is Pentecost and I am trying too find the red outfit I usually wear on Pentecost.  Also checking to see how it fits this year.  This is an essential step before Sunday morning.

If you were a disciple, in the general order of things, Jesus would have ascended and left you behind, (again), but this time he did so with orders about what your job was to do for the Kin-dom.  Go out and spread the Good News of God’s love.  Everywhere.  Like everywhere even to the ends of the earth.  Ok, now there’s a topper on the bucket list.

Spread the Good News.  Sure, sure I hear you say.  Can do…will do.  But do I have to get out of my car?  (that as meant to be a joke).  However, perhaps not so much of a joke as one might think .  Perhaps we would say yes to a cushier job.  I’ll cook till you get home and have a hot meal for you after your day of telling everyone.  I don’t really want to be a talker-to-people.  Ok. Ok.  I guess people know that there is Good News to be shared by the joy on our faces.  Perhaps they do until we break character and utter ugly words about someone or call a woman  ‘Nasty’.

Being peaceful in a sea of anxiousness and doubt it is not unusual to become upset about the possibility of getting it wrong.   There are some people I know who seem to treasure others messing up.  Does tha do their egos a boost.  Compare yourself o someone who failed and you will look better.  But to be honest that’s really a cheap way to BE in this world.

Live like Aunt Dorothy, who was a member of my church in Lawton.  Her niece said of her,  She never said anything mean about someone she knew, or someone she didn”t know.”  No there is a way to live our lives in the fullness of God’s mercy and grace.

God knows you thru and thru …and Loves you Even still.

God abide

@Bobbie Giltz McGarey

June 2 2019   DSCN1314ABQ. NM


First Sunrise

It was the first morning in Va. john and I had driven from Raton to Denver for the red eye

flight to Philadelphia where Betsy and Sean and the kids would pick us up at 7:30 am

The drive to Denver was in a snow/ sleet storm. The plane had to be deiced twice

But we arrived safely as did our luggage. The kids drove two cars so we wouldn’t have to rent a vehicle in VA, and flying to philly was 450$ cheaper for us both. I got in the car with Sean and the kids who were sleeping because he was tired and needed company. Of course we talked and laughed and fed the kids snacking food the 5 hours to Va Beach. Ok we did stop several times for kid and adult pit stop and at a park for pbj lunch and exercise.

We got to Norfolk about 2:45 in time for Betsy and Sean to take a 2 hour cruise on the party boat for the wedding. John and maggieMae and Ian and I walked and played in a park along the bay. It was really pretty and the kids were great for us. Ian must have walked up and down a small hill 20 Times. Maggie Mae and I played stay in the shade of the trees. We walked and walked.

And walked..she ran and skipped some…

The boat returned and we met the whole family that had been out on the sailing ship and had a great dinner at a cool venue where everyone could order what they wanted.

About 8 pm we left for the rental house and I was showered and in bed 15 minutes later.

The next morning I woke before sunrise and got dressed and went to the watch the sunrise. The beach was about two blocks away.

This beach, VA Beach, is the beach of my childhood and youth because my grandparents lived there and we went several times a year from Ohio. I love the desert but to be true I’ve missed the ocean. I watched the sun. You know once it breaks the horizon it seems to fly up. 2 minutes or so from first break to above the horizon.

The waves breaking, the coolness of this morning….

and all my stored up thoughts and feelings and emotions and joys and anxieties raised up with the sun.

The quiet waves , the loud waves, the way the sun this morning went behind a skinny cloud and came up again..the light rays. The porpoise playing the sandpipers calling… the countless times I’ve sat there…looking out on that horizon… over 70 years

I sang a couple of Taize chants…picked up a few shell parts… took deep breaths and walked home…it was Friday, wedding rehearsal day…

God Abides

Bobbie Giltz McGarey


What we think we know.

I just finished watching the TED talk with Anne Lamotte and the 12 things she thinks she knows.  I am amused and challenged every time.  She seems to have figured out very many things and shares them.

So, I suppose I ask what do I think I know?   How ever should I answer that.  It may be indeed a simple number of things.

1. That God is love.

2. That I’m often surprised by that love of God, especially when I completely stumble in my discipleship. That’s often.

3. That my job here is not one I earned with any of the degrees I have like. B.S., M.Div, D.Min. But with the acceptance that 46AD6577-3348-4C60-A26C-9EA002B02BE5

I am a beloved child of God as are all people whether I want to let them into my circle or not.

So it begins. The others I work on later

God Abides

Bobbie Giltz McGarey

@may 28 2019

Cousins Reunited

Since some time in the last mid-century I hadn’t seen my cousins on the Giltz side of my family. Two days ago we met again. Ok so we looked like our parents, not a bad thing, we fell easily -effortlessly into Cousin-com. What a delightful time we had. Going through photos of our ancestors, sharing the roads we’d traveled, laughing, crying, and it seemed so right.

We drove by Grandpa’s house on Lincoln Way in Massillon, Ohio. It looked like someone loved the house. We then went to the cemetery. The cemetery wasn’t groomed for Memorial Day and only individuals had put a random flag out or two. Grandma and Grandpa’s marker was completely covered with long cut grass. We cleaned it off, polished it a little, and stood and had a prayer of thanksgiving to them for all they gave us …especially the three children we came from, now we were brought together again: My Dad Maurice, Jeannie’s Dad Rolland, and Susan’s Mom Janet.

Here we were Bobbie, Sue, and Jeanie, together.

It was a good time. We hope for more to come.

It was a good time

Sunrises -Earth turning

I woke 5 minutes before sunrise. Put on my sneakers and ran toward the beach. (Run is a relative term) ( for me right now run means walk fast enough to get winded). I got to the beach and sat and started recording the sunrise. It was no surprise how it happened…it just did. …link to video to be attached. A big cargo ship headed out to sea. I saw only one guy who was walking his dog. It was quiet and beautiful. It was also quite cool when the sun went behind the clouds for even a minute.

Ah sun rise..or earth turning hang on..thanks gravity…

God abides

And I thank God

Bobbie Giltz McGarey

@2019 Virginia Beach, VA