The colors of the sky

I have always been fascinated by colors. My granddaddy was color blind and i could never really imagine how that may be. Oh I know I grew up with b+w TV. But that is different somehow. What if all you saw were textures and varied brightness? I had a boyfriend once who was colorblind. When I found that out I realized why he hadn’t commented on what I wore…most of my clothes must have looked the same to him.

But we here In NM have a gift of beautiful sunsets.

Look at that color. Micki took that photo. It just jumps out at you and draws you into the colors. The peach, orange, blue, grey, all these colors that come for a second and can be gone just as fast.

There is something immediate about beauty.. It often surprises us and then disappears. It is hard to capture true beauty. But there are snaps of it.. When your find beauty breathe it in so that it becomes a part of you. Then the beauty won’t disappear.

Be beauty yourself. Be love and giving yourself. Be hope and mercy yourself. You can do this. I just know you can.

Color your world with your living.

God abides

Bobbie Giltz McGarey



Is it Spring yet?

Ok ok I know it has only officially been winter for a few weeks … but I’m ready for Spring. Truth be told we here in ABQ haven’t really had winter. A few chilly mornings, sure. But no winter. No snow. No really cold days the kind that make your dog balk at the door not wanting to go outside. I also recognize that February and March can still be cold. Enter deep sigh.

Mainly I’m wanting the Spring that brings hopefulness. That sees the day light stretching out. That breaks the back of gloom that seems to prevail. See?

Well I know whining about this won’t make the time speed ahead. Perhaps I’ll shift my head perspective. Looking for good things…Thinking about frisbee in the park…or walking in the golf course…or riding a bike!!

God abide

Bobbie Giltz McGarey


Road ahead


Friday, January 12, 2018

John Denver sang
If our lives could lie before us like a straight and narrow highway
So that we could see forever before we took the ride
We would never look to heaven make a wish, or climb a mountain,
‘Cause we’d always know the answer what’s on the other side.

Have you ever wondered what is ahead in your life.?
Like where will I Be…next month, or next birthday, or after a major event, like a graduation,
Or wedding…
We don’t know
But we have made plans and provided for our wellbeing
We have food in the fridge or in the cupboard
We have so many clothes we could never wear them all.
We have a car, or two
We have books…lots of books

What’s ahead? I can’t say
But God has a plan for our lives..a plan for Good

Here we Go !

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


Are there times when you are overwhelmed with beauty?

The sunrise over the mountains.

The sunset over the far horizon.

The clouds that catch the last light. The clouds that catch the first light.

The face of an infant.

The giggle of a 2 year old.

The beauty of a face lined with experience.

The hands of someone of age. Beauty.

Here is your assignment for today. Find beauty. Leave me a note in the comments of beauty you’ve found.

Thanks… seek on…

Angel Found

Our daughter and I were talking on the phone today and she showed me a little gift from one of her patients.

A little angel painted on a stone. It made us both smile. It came from a woman who lost a daughter last year and she has taken to painting these and leaving them here and there around the city. A reminder. An Epiphany. A touch of love to be found by the right person at the right time. What a great thing. It came from a place of profound pain and loss but it makes her feel good that it might help someone feel better.

What a sweet random act of kindness. I can only imagine stories of someone who found one at the perfect time. Maybe I should write a story using that as the linking theme? Then I think how much fun to be watching for the angel to come. Maybe I should watch for that inbreaking of God at a place… a time when it is needed most by me. You know, I’m in the middle of my day and something is out of whack and there it is… that angel reminding me of God’s presence.

So today why don’t you look for that inbreaking of God’s Spirit with you. Keep alert.. It’s right there for you. Always

God Abide with you

@Bobbie Giltz McGarey

January 9,2018

Iguanas falling from the trees.

Wow what a way to start the year. There were news reports stating that because of the wintry storm, bringing cold temperatures to Florida, the Iguanas, cold blooded animals, got so cold that they were getting stiff and unable to move and were falling from the trees. K-plunk. Most of them are not dead, just really really cold. Unaccustomed as they are to freezing temperatures they have no real coping measures. K-plunk

None of us wants to be so out of our elements that we freeze up and fall out of our trees. But, to be really honest, it feels like we are like that sometimes when confronted/challenged by something so new we have no frame of reference.

In one of my favorite movies, Moonlight and Valentino, a young woman learns of the death of her husband and everything slows down and time warps and she reels from the unrealness of it for herself. I saw this movie not long after my Mother died and could completely identify with that feeling of grief hitting. I felt like I was spinning, time stood still, the world around me was just out there, not a real part of me. I was seeing myself like I was in a movie. The feeling of Not-me-ness was happening around me was real. Even though my Mother’s passing was anticipated, it was still a surprise. It was a feeling so odd that you could say it was like Iguanas were falling out of trees.

Grief, loss, deep sadness takes us out of ourselves. Not that we disassociate with what is happening….it is that we are surprised to a point that we are thrown into a whole spin of what is happening.

And then…. then… then… the rest of the world seems to be getting back to it’s normal and your world is anything but normal, not when you lose someone close to you. It’s not the same. It never will be. It will be ok again, but never the same and we are encouraged to be gentle with ourselves. We will not be the same, but we can be alright. But we need not rush ourselves into that place. It takes different time for different people. Wait for it.

January 8, 2018

God is

My granddaughter MaggieMae is learning prayers. At meals they hold hands and pray God is great god is good … Maggie has started saying God Is!

well that has become my prayer God Is.

it really covers most all theological issues

do you believe …God is

do you think God answers prayer… God is

do you need help…God is

see how many times you can apply this

in the meantime… God is