One. Two 

So I’m at the airport to pick up my rental car. I’ve prepaid. I walk to the counter. She pulls up my file. I hand her my credit card and drivers license, two ID with photo.  She says I need another photo Id.   Oh I say.  Yes. You need two.  I say you have two. She says this one doesn’t count, credit card. Oh I say.  Because. Well you need another  I say you have two.  Do you have a SAMs club card with photo? I say how is that more official than the two I gave you.    Pause. So if I take a cab to the nearest SAMs club -use my drivers license. Pay for membership and get a card with photo that’s all I need ?   Yes she says as if that is logical.   Ok then I say can you refund my pre pay $.  No she says that’s in. Third party site.  I said. That your website lead me to.   Yes she said. 

I said well. 

Walked away.    I went to another rental. Sure we ll rent you a car. 800$ more than the other. 

I said thanks no

I go sit down. I checked how far the closest SAMs club is and prayed for an intervention. 

I waited.   The woman who turned me down walked away in break. New counter person.  I walk over. Put my two IDs in the counter. I want to be perfectly honest.  Told him my story.  He shook his head and cheerfully rented me a car apologizing for the other experience.    One — two 


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