Three Weeks

Friends, I am hopelessly and happily in love with my Granddaughter.  I am her Naani..hindi for your mother’s mother.  How great this is.

My nephew, whose birth I attended and his wife had a daughter on Sunday.  These two girls are almost three weeks apart.  Somehow in the great scheme of things I think they, along with a cousin just a year older, will be great friends.  Unique, giving loving friends.

My cousins and I are close as sisters.  I think the same will happen with them…

Our daughter, a continually amazing woman, is enjoying her time with her little one.  I think she is a marvelous mother already.

I want good things for her little family to continue.

Some time, not to be posted, I will write what I recall of Margaret’s birth. But so she can some day have what I remember.  So every year when her mother tells her the story… she’ll know what I remember too.

Hopeless,  I’m hopeless, and I don’t want to be any other way but in love…

God abide

Bobbie Naani




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