The colors of the sky

I have always been fascinated by colors. My granddaddy was color blind and i could never really imagine how that may be. Oh I know I grew up with b+w TV. But that is different somehow. What if all you saw were textures and varied brightness? I had a boyfriend once who was colorblind. When I found that out I realized why he hadn’t commented on what I wore…most of my clothes must have looked the same to him.

But we here In NM have a gift of beautiful sunsets.

Look at that color. Micki took that photo. It just jumps out at you and draws you into the colors. The peach, orange, blue, grey, all these colors that come for a second and can be gone just as fast.

There is something immediate about beauty.. It often surprises us and then disappears. It is hard to capture true beauty. But there are snaps of it.. When your find beauty breathe it in so that it becomes a part of you. Then the beauty won’t disappear.

Be beauty yourself. Be love and giving yourself. Be hope and mercy yourself. You can do this. I just know you can.

Color your world with your living.

God abides

Bobbie Giltz McGarey



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