A week old

On Easter no joke

last week My daughter Betsy had their second baby,  Ian Maurice Metzgar.  What an amazing week we’ve had coming Ti know him.  He was already very present when he was born and and since continued to grow into a darling boy.  He is named after my Daddy, Maurice.  Our sin John also carries this name.  It was my Great Uncles name as well.

This little one is already carving s place in this world.  Joy.  Bringing joy eliciting joy in the faces of all the people encountered.

How can it only be one week since Easter.   A week so packed with newness.  Meeting sister Maggie Mae. And she meeting him.  Joy joy joy.

The disciples encountered Jesus beside the tomb, walking down the road , cooking and eating with them on the lakeshore,    Appearing in the locked room  bringing them peace.

Peace is what we need in these days.  Peace is what we could be praying for constantly. God, in your mercy grant us peace.

Time flies   And for that I am ever thankful

May the way be cleared for this family bringing charity and love all their lives together.

God hear my prayer for my son Johnny and sweet wife Cristi  give them  strength.

Take care of me and John   Make the path  true   And clear

God abide  it feels like a new year

God abides


Bobbie Giltz McGarey

Pastor New Life PCUSA albuquerque. NM




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