New Mexico Sky

NewLife Presbyterian Church

If you live in New Mexico you are ever grateful for digital cameras.  Why?  Because there are so many awesome sights that come our way.  We have amazing sunrises in ABQ as the West Valley gets light before the sun rises over the Eastern Mountains.  The Sunsets are amazing too offering many

OOOOOO-AHHH moments.  The fun part of the sunset is watching the seasons change as the sun sets in different places on the horizon during the varied times of the year.

The above photo I took last year.  I loved the way the windows at church captured the reflection of

the of the sky to the south too.

So, a digital camera that allows you to snap the images as they happen and then again if the first time wasn’t the best is super.

What do you reflect?  Looking at your life where are the OOOO-AHHH moments?  What times in your life did you stop and take a breath and enjoy that moment and be grateful?  What times did you find yourself shutting out the time because it was too painful or uncomfortable?  You don’t have any of these times?  Good or Bad?

Then I suggest you wake up to the day, to each and every day that you have, and say thank you for another day.

And perhaps start that day with the intention of saying OOOOO-AHHH to something you see or experience or ….

Write it down

God Abides

Bobbie Giltz McGarey



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