Women’s march

What are you wearing as Clergywomen to the Marches wherever you are?  Currently thinking a Purple stole


Three Weeks

Friends, I am hopelessly and happily in love with my Granddaughter.  I am her Naani..hindi for your mother’s mother.  How great this is.

My nephew, whose birth I attended and his wife had a daughter on Sunday.  These two girls are almost three weeks apart.  Somehow in the great scheme of things I think they, along with a cousin just a year older, will be great friends.  Unique, giving loving friends.

My cousins and I are close as sisters.  I think the same will happen with them…

Our daughter, a continually amazing woman, is enjoying her time with her little one.  I think she is a marvelous mother already.

I want good things for her little family to continue.

Some time, not to be posted, I will write what I recall of Margaret’s birth. But so she can some day have what I remember.  So every year when her mother tells her the story… she’ll know what I remember too.

Hopeless,  I’m hopeless, and I don’t want to be any other way but in love…

God abide

Bobbie Naani



My Girl

Martha Elizabeth McGarey Metzgar

I took this photo when Martha was in Med School in Tulsa.

Now she is preparing to have her first child with her husband Sean.  They live in Bethlehem Pa and it is such an exciting time.

Ok yes, as here mom I do remember all the ages she has passed through.  I look now at the one that she is now and flash on all the ages between the day she first was in my arms and now.  And you know what I see?  Joy  much Joy

Now she’s on the edge of all new joy.  We surround her with much love and God’s protective love.

not long to wait now.

God abide

Bobbie Giltz McGarey



Winter wonder

I wake to the all too familiar sound  of the garbage truck across the way.  I’m a good 50 yards from it and after 5 years here I usually don’t hear it.   But wait, is that what woke me ?   Another winter sound I think… Scrapping ice from windshield!  I pause. I listen. Eracharrrahrrach like fingernails on a blackboard…

I mentally review the day asking after each task pops in… Do I have to drive to accomplish this?  Quickly I check the weather. Is it supposed to get above freezing? Sun? More precipitation likely?

I lie back on my pillow. A little Scarlett O’hara calls out in my head…” I’ll think about this tomorrow” (ok 6 minutes from now)  ” I’ll go to Tara!!!”  Or maybe back to sleep.

And then

New scrapping begins… I’m up. That’s all there is to it!

6:50 am is too early in January…

would you bring me some Coffee please?  I’ll wait right here. Thanks


God abides

Bobbie Giltz McGarey

Way way cute

Too cute
Found this photo online this is a real kind of sheep.  I mean adorable.  I recently read an article about cuteness aggression.  What is that?   You know something so adorable we say things.  That baby, puppy, kitten… is so cute I could eat it up.  NO  not literally…but we want to absorb that cuteness.  

We want to be part of that cuteness or beauty.  Both experiences call us to tears sometimes.  That overwhelming awe…standing in the presence of God.

Attention !

God abides

bobbie Giltz McGarey

@2015 ABQ,NM


One. Two 

So I’m at the airport to pick up my rental car. I’ve prepaid. I walk to the counter. She pulls up my file. I hand her my credit card and drivers license, two ID with photo.  She says I need another photo Id.   Oh I say.  Yes. You need two.  I say you have two. She says this one doesn’t count, credit card. Oh I say.  Because. Well you need another  I say you have two.  Do you have a SAMs club card with photo? I say how is that more official than the two I gave you.    Pause. So if I take a cab to the nearest SAMs club -use my drivers license. Pay for membership and get a card with photo that’s all I need ?   Yes she says as if that is logical.   Ok then I say can you refund my pre pay $.  No she says that’s in. Third party site.  I said. That your website lead me to.   Yes she said. 

I said well. 

Walked away.    I went to another rental. Sure we ll rent you a car. 800$ more than the other. 

I said thanks no

I go sit down. I checked how far the closest SAMs club is and prayed for an intervention. 

I waited.   The woman who turned me down walked away in break. New counter person.  I walk over. Put my two IDs in the counter. I want to be perfectly honest.  Told him my story.  He shook his head and cheerfully rented me a car apologizing for the other experience.    One — two